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The Legender by Jason Link Giveaway


Arkos, a reclusive artisan, bides the long age of peace carving animal bones and remembering his days of adventure. In the ancient city of Tierrion where he dwells, no one suspects he is one of the legenders—those forces of nature clad in human form who spoke with the elements and shaped them into mighty beasts. After the legenders fought in the bygone war against the Living Shadow, they faded into myth and have remained in historical obscurity. That is, until a great evil strikes Tierrion and View the Giveaway

Zenith by Dirk Strasser Giveaway


Here's a chance to win one of 20 eBook copies of Zenith – The First Book of Ascension by Dirk Strasser. "Strasser’s unique blend of adventure, esotericism, Eastern mysticism, and fantasy makes for compelling reading… Strasser has not just written down a legend, rather, he has crafted one." Amazon review “Dirk Strasser’s Zenith… is on my list of all-time worldwide Top Ten fantasy novels… It does what all good quest novels do, and does it better than almost any of them – that is, it creates View the Giveaway

Guitar Face by Sasha Marshall Giveaway


Henley Hendrix has been a guitar prodigy since the age of 12, and has grown up in rock-n-roll her entire life. By the age of 22 she was the Queen of rock-n-roll, and lead singer/guitarist in her band Abandoned Shadow. Women wanted to be her, and men simply wanted her. Tragedy strikes and she walks away from music for four years. She spends four years attempting to pick up the pieces of her life, then she is slowly pulled back to the only things she has ever loved, music and Jagger Carlyle. View the Giveaway

Chaplin and Company Giveaway


With thanks to Vintage Books, The London Magazine is running a book giveaway! Three copies of Mave Fellowes’ novel, Chaplin and Company are available for you to win. Along with this, we will be providing a bonus noughties issue of The London Magazine to add to your collection for each winner. All you need to do is answer one simple question: Who is the Editor of The London Magazine? Find out more about Mave and her book in our exclusive Q&A here. Please send in your answer to View the Giveaway

The 400Lb Gorilla by DC Farmer UK Giveaway


For our UK readers only (I have another giveaway running for everyone else!) "Highly recommend this book to those who enjoy urban fantasy with a bit of humor. My rating is 5/5" Platypire reviews. Combine the snarky dialogue of Jim Butcher with the world-building of Douglas Adams…then top it off with D.C. Farmer’s famous dry wit, and you’ve one gotta-read-it-now novel in The 400lb Gorilla. Darby Karchut, Goodreads author. Matt Danmor is unlucky. Smashed up in a car accident. Told View the Giveaway

Freshman Mom by Karen Gorback


Enter the Goodreads Giveaway to win one of three, signed, paperback copies of Freshman Mom by Karen Gorback If you've ever gone back to school or think about going back someday -- you'll enjoy following newly-divorced mom Meredith Lieberman through her freshman year of college. Meredith Lieberman has been wanting to go to college for a long time, but without encouragement or support, she settles into the life of a wife and mother-until one day, eighteen years View the Giveaway